Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Beginning of the Go Lady

      It all started with gardening, no it was teaching- maybe it was cooking. While the true beginning of it all may be hard to nail down, the 'Go Lady' started with a heart for children and a love of inspiration. Joining a research project aimed at combating childhood obesity, I was deemed 'The Go Lady' by staff and students trying to connect who I was with why I was there (go is the last word in my job title, which is lengthy- and have you ever tried to say my last name?).
       In the beginning, it seemed a bit curt- maybe even negative. As we have gotten to know each other, falling into a rhythm of activity and responsibility, the title has become endearing and precious. Students know me by my big red SUV (the Go Mobile) and my extremely long hair. When I am dressed up with all my hair pinned atop my head, they know we are in the kitchen for some hands on nutrition. If I show up in jeans with my long braid swinging behind me, it must be time to get down and dirty in the garden.
        With such a span of activity comes adventure. Join me now and then as we peek into the classroom for a glimpse at my heart and the precious ones who touch it week after week. Sometimes our heart breaks as hardship is revealed, but other times we triumph over the smallest victory. There are days when we just can't stop laughing at the antics a group 3rd graders can come up with.
         Now that we are introduced, let's see where we end up next!

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