Monday, January 13, 2014

Just A Moment In A Day

     Up and down and all around; each day is a maze traveled through. The return to my work 'routine' finds me hurrying here and there gathering it all together- trying to find the rhythm. On my way to an unexpected meeting I passed students sitting in the hallway between classes. Much younger than the ones I generally work with, they stare curiously at me as I walk by. One young boy checked cautiously with his friend to see if I was the teacher they were waiting for - I wasn't they confirmed. Suddenly a little girl beamed sweetly- she isn't our teacher; I know who she is.. she's the lady in the garden.
      It was just a moment in an ordinary day made significant by the child who brightened it. I couldn't help but smile and nod, confirming her stand. I am the lady in the garden; the one they see through the window as they pass by. That very morning they passed that place, all lined up in a row, as I hovered over half frozen plants. Watering and uncovering the weak little sprouts, they hesitate a wave- a smile- a giggle.
     It may have been just a moment in a day, but it was a moment I needed to remind me why I run here and there, to and fro keeping the crazy pace I seem to roll at. It was the moment I have returned to as I face the upcoming crazy days of recipe demonstrations, garden clubs, and planting dates. It is just a moment in a day- but it is a moment that makes my day- today and for many days to come.

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