Wednesday, July 16, 2014

We Don't Just Cook

We also hatch chicks! 
Weeks of watching and waiting- worrying and messaging the Go Lady.
After a special trip to their camp classroom to show them candling- easing their fears it would never happen.
Fluffy little peeps popped out of their shells.
Children and teens alike stood in awe as we identified the egg tooth..
talked about care and feeding...
made plans for their leaving the brooder.
All an effort to connect children and teens not only to whole food, but to where their food comes from and how it grows.;
to get them thinking about something outside themselves..
to show them care and compassion for something tiny and helpless..
to show them the wonder of life..
of them selves..
Our 'Go Team' does not just cook with these precious kids,
we don't just teach them,
we learn with them.. and
we stand amazed at them!

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