Friday, March 21, 2014

Just Between You and Me

    Right before a recent cooking demonstration, a shy, rather quiet, girl approached me. Her seriousness had me a bit concerned, but in the end the moment was priceless.

Hesitant, the student approaches- Ms. Go

I reassure her with a smile- yes

She leans in, questioning- Can I ask you something

A smile and a nod encourage her

Just between you and me

More seriously now, I nod.

A little closer this time- how long is your hair, really, like when you brush it all out

That question. I understand and reply- long enough to sit on

An endearing smile shares a quiet secret- mine too! but, just between you and me

I smile, lean in, and reassure her our conversation is sacred- just between you and me.

 We never know when the simplest thing can become a connection to a child's heart. Whether the 'secret' length of my hair, the motif of that day's crazy sock, or how many chickens I really have, it is my goal to be open to the little things.. the quirky moments that become jewels in my day.

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