Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What's In the Box?

   The box, the bag, tote...paper sack- kids see me coming a mile away (and they know me well). I may have one or two or ten totes to travel with drawing curious eyes from others in the parking lot. In the classroom kids know those bags are packed with strange and unusual things that will somehow become elements of our lesson.
   Why a box? Isn't every classroom stocked with toys and supplies? Maybe. I carry a box because it fits my teaching style. A common classroom may have plenty of things to use, but they are there every week- the children see them every day. I don't know about you, but when I see the same things day after day they become dull and boring to are no different. Bringing new and fresh items to the room sparks interest encouraging participation.
   Whether my classroom has a curriculum or not, there is always room to add new elements bring their attention to the subject. My box is emptied after every class- always ready to be filled with something new. When I fail to empty can tend to become routine with items used again and again. So what's in the box?
   Three basic themes run in my box filler- a Bible (the heart of every lesson), interactive objects, and crafty goodness. Over the next several weeks we will take a closer look in the box to see various items I use and how they apply to lessons.
   The box isn't for everyone..the elements need attention and energy to employ them in the lesson and to train the children to know the boundaries. These items are not costly or fancy, they come from my home, barn or yard. Some items are delicate and need to be use carefully..some are sturdy and open for rugged handling. Either way, they serve a purpose given by train them up in His Word with a desire to know Him more.

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